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Pet-Friendly Flooring 

Pets are furry, lovable, and loyal, and they’re a huge part of our daily lives and our households. Pets and four-legged friends bring us so much joy that we can hardly be angry when a wagged tail breaks a vase or a caught claw snags the curtains. Claws, fur, tails, and pet-related mishaps can also wreak havoc on your floors. Claws and nails can scratch floors that are not equipped to handle pets, while pet accidents and spills can cause unsightly stains.

When you are considering a new flooring project, it can feel a bit overwhelming. Don’t worry, though – because today’s technology makes choosing a floor for your home a much easier process than in previous years. You can now select flooring that complements not only your cohesive home design but also your lifestyle.

It may be nearly impossible to avoid accidents, but with pet-friendly floors, you can prevent permanent damage and make cleaning up pet-related stains a breeze. From quiet to busy households full of cats, dogs, and bunnies, you will find several flooring styles that fit your home beautifully. We are here to help you find the best type of flooring for your home with pets, whether it’s hardwood, luxury vinyl, laminate, tile, or carpet!

What is Pet-Friendly Flooring? 

Pet-friendly flooring is flooring that can stand up to the wear and tear of domestic animals. As part of the family, pets often have access to most of our homes, and they can bring in all kinds of messes from the outdoors. They can also cause a slew of stains, spills, accidents, and scratches that will deteriorate the appearance of floors on not only the top layer but also the layers below.

Pet-friendly is also flooring that will reduce the likelihood of damages caused by pets with its durability and strength. It is flooring that will not show scratches as easily and is easy to clean and maintain so that when mishaps do happen, the clean-up process is quick and effortless. There are a few features you should look for when searching for pet-friendly flooring: stain-resistance, water-resistance, scratch-resistance, durability, a design that will hide pet accidents, and a solid warranty.

Stain-resistant and Water-Resistant Flooring

No matter what kind of pet you have, stain and water-resistance are two of the most important features that you can choose for flooring in a home with pets. While we love to believe our furry friends are always well-behaved, the truth is that accidents happen! Investing in a floor that is stain-resistant and water-resistant will ensure that if something does happen, you’re covered.

Scratch-resistant Flooring and Durable Flooring

Scratches and dents are likely to occur in your home with pets, which is why you should consider the wear layer or scratch-resistance in your new flooring. No matter the type of animal you have, their nails can wreak havoc as they run, play, and walk through your home. To be sure you’re ready, select floors that are unlikely to become scratched or dented easily. Check for the depth of the protective layer, and take notice of the design to see if scratches could be spotted easily from afar.

Warranties for Pet-Friendly Flooring

Consider the warranty that comes with the flooring you’re interested in. Will it save you in the long-run, or are you on your own if something happens? There are many amazing warranties today, so don’t forget to ask questions about the warranty when going through the buying process.

Top Pet-Friendly Carpets 

Dog and Kids on Pet Friendly Carpet

The best pet-friendly carpet has all of the features that you need, like stain-resistance and easy maintenance, and also matches your design goals. Carpet One Floor & Home recommends a stain-resistant fiber as a must-have. Many brands like Carpet One Floor & Home’s Innovia Xtreme Clean offer stain-resistant fibers. Innovia Xtreme Clean is made from a fiber that is permanently stain-resistant because the fiber doesn’t absorb liquids. When it comes to pet stains, those accidents can be thoroughly cleaned, and those odors won’t creep back in. For households with pets, a carpet cushion with a moisture barrier helps ensure stains can be cleaned before they seep into the pad and subfloor.

If carpet stains are a concern, a great carpet warranty is essential. Carpet One Floor & Home’s Relax, it’s…Lees carpet comes with a 25-year No Exclusions Warranty that, unlike most carpet warranties, doesn’t exclude pet stains. Even with the most pet-friendly floors, cleaning up accidents quickly and regular vacuuming will be vital to keeping your floors looking amazing at all times.


Top Pet-Friendly Hard Surface Floors

 Dog on Pet Friendly Flooring Kitchen

Hard surface flooring options like hardwood, vinyl, and tile provide easier maintenance when it comes to spills and accidents, but scratching from claws and playtime is still a concern. For a hardwood floor, the finish is critical. A hardwood floor with a quality finish will stand up to wear and scratches. One of Carpet One Floor & Home’s newest products, Hydrotek,  is actually a waterproof hardwood flooring option. A waterproof core combined with premium cuts of hardwood makes this floor naturally beautiful and pet-friendly.

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is a growing category of flooring that provides the look of wood or stone in an extremely durable vinyl tile. These floors are waterproof and strong, making them excellent options for households with pets.

Tile is also a great choice for pet owners. It is durable and water-resistant, which makes it easy to maintain. During cooler months, tile can be cold, so make your space comfortable for your pets by providing a soft rug or pet bed.


Tips for Looking for Pet-friendly Flooring

Dog and Kid on pet friendly floor

First, determine what type of accidents you might have. Then, think about what kinds of dents or scratches are possible. Next, decide on the area of flooring you want to replace. Once you’ve determined these factors, find styles you enjoy by thinking about your design goals. You can then narrow down your options and check out flooring samples in a Carpet One showroom or do some online research. Lastly, head to your local Carpet One and work with a sales pro to move forward with your flooring purchase.

Flooring for Other Types of Pets

Is your pet a bit different from a dog or a cat? Maybe your pet spends some time in a cage and some time roaming your home, or maybe your particular pet prefers the outdoors and enjoys running back inside to create chaos in your clean space. Mud, pet food, and dirty toys can destroy the most loved parts of your home, and specifically, your flooring. No matter the disaster, your floors are a crucial part of your home, so invest in floors that are scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and easy to maintain.

Rabbit on pet friendly flooring

Best Flooring for Rabbits

Rabbits can bring their bedding and other things with them when they leave their cage. Whether you have newspaper, shredded cardboard, or wood pellets for bedding, they’re sure to end up all over the place once you let your rabbit out. Make sure to look for floors that are easy to wipe or sweep, like hard-surface options. 

Pig on pet friendly flooring

Best Flooring for Pigs

Mini pigs are cute, smart, and love to get dirty, so finding the right flooring for their perfect little hooves is essential. Not only are mini pigs great at making a mess, but they also have hooves that are meant for the outdoors. Pig hooves walking around your flooring can cause dents and scratches if you don’t have flooring that is made to protect itself. It’s best to consider options that are made with pets in mind, like sturdy luxury vinyl or porcelain tile.

Best Flooring for Pets