Find The Best Types of Flooring For Your Home

Carpet Flooring


Carpet is widely known for its ability to bring warmth and comfort to rooms. As technology continues to improve, so does the softness, strength, and stain-resistance of carpet. With a wide range of patterns, colors, and styles available, carpet is a leading option for home remodels, thanks to its cozy nature.


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Hardwood Flooring



Hardwood planks are charming and alluring, making any room feel sophisticated and classy while adding a touch of personality. The natural look of hardwood flooring makes it adaptable to any home design, whether you choose mixed widths, matte, or weathered planks. Today’s hardwood floors are made to be low maintenance and long-lasting, requiring less constant upkeep and attention.

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Vinyl Flooring



Dominating the flooring industry today, vinyl offers the genuine look of hardwood, tile, or stone at a price point that excites. With undeniable elegance and authentic resemblance, vinyl flooring achieves the true look of these materials while providing an exceptionally durable floor. Intriguing because of its incredible value, vinyl flooring has all the essential features needed in a floor.

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Tile Flooring



Limitless in design, tile flooring is an excellent choice for both unique patterns and classic designs alike. With a vast number of styles ranging in price, pattern, size, and colors, a personalized design can become a reality with tile. Ideal for moisture-heavy areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and foyers, tile flooring is versatile and handles spills and mishaps with grace.

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Laminate Flooring



Laminate flooring is water-resistant and reliable, making it a preferred choice for homes with high-traffic and accident-prone areas. Laminate designs vary, but mainly focus on hardwood, tile or stone looks, offering a lower cost than that of the actual material.

Area rug



Capable of changing any room’s décor in an instant, area rugs are available in a wide variety of sizes, designs, and colors, each with their own character. Area rugs add refined style as well as warmth to any room while protecting the flooring below.

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Important Questions To Think About Before You Buy Flooring:

Getting a head-start on what you should consider before purchasing new flooring is an excellent way to ensure that you make an educated decision on what floors are best for your home. Before you jump head first into all of the flooring options available, it’s crucial you consider the following factors.

What is the Space You’re Working With?

Knowing where you want to install new floors is one of the first pieces of information you’ll need to know before committing to anything. Will you be installing flooring in your entire downstairs area, or are you upgrading one room like a bedroom or bathroom? Bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and other areas where moisture is high are not ideal for floors like solid or engineered hardwood and carpet, so you can save time by taking these off the list. By being aware of your space before you move forward, you can narrow down a few of the many types of flooring available today. For example, you may want flooring for your new finished basement or attic so that you can use it as a recreational space, and knowing this ahead of time will allow you to look at flooring options that are best for these areas.

How Much Wear and Tear Will the Area Experience?

Once you have determined where you are planning to install the floors, ask yourself what kind of daily traffic and accidents the area could be exposed to. Is it possible that there will be food and drink spills? If so, consider waterproof floors. Do you have any pets like dogs, cats, or other animals that could cause damages with their nails or accidents? You’ll want to check out more durable options like pet-friendly floors that are easy to maintain. If you consider your lifestyle factors like how many pets you have, the age of your children, and whether or not you have guests over often, you’ll be ahead when it comes to choosing the best flooring for your home.

What is Your Design Style?

You might think you know what you want from a style standpoint, but we encourage you to take a step back and consider your desired home design. Think about what kind of designs draw your eye, and what you’re trying to achieve with your new flooring purchase. While it can be tempting to choose something you saw in a magazine that is super trendy, it might not be the best choice for your particular home from the practical side of things. We recommend sticking with designs that inspire you, because they are much more likely to delight your design interest for many years, rather than only for a few months. When you see designs or styles that you’re drawn to, take notes. By taking notes and comparing what you’ve compiled over a few weeks, you can get a better feel for your preferences. Plus, you can take a few different pieces of design and combine them to create a unique look in your space.

What Other Details do you need to Know?

There are many pieces of the puzzle when it comes to upgrading or adding new flooring to your home, so think about all of the questions you still have before you buy. One question that is often asked is what is the maintenance like? If you are not interested in a strict cleaning regimen, this will be an important factor in the overall decision you make. Don’t make the mistake of investing in new flooring that is beautiful, but needs constant maintenance if that’s not something you have time for. In addition, you can ask questions like, what is the price range for certain types of floors, or how does the installation process work? Whatever you still have questions about, take time to do your research! You’ll be glad you did.

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